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  • Maciej Sikała Trio
  • Gdański Kwintet Jazzowy
  • Big Band Leszka Kułakowskiego
  • Annutara
  • Funkloopy

Maciej Sadowski

I am a double bass player, composer and session musician with extensive experience in all music genres with a special emphasis and passion for jazz. Based in Gdańsk, I regularly give over 100 concerts a year on national and international stages.

Over the last 10 years of my career I have performed with over 100 ensembles throughout the Europe, and contributed to a range of high profile projects, examples of which include the following:

  • Performed with Gdansk Jazz Quintet with Cezary Paciorek and Maciej Sikała at Expo Milano 2015.
  • Gave concert with a world-class accordionist Eric Bouvelle at the International Accordion Festival in Sulęczyno.
  • Participated in an international cooperation of classic musicians from Eastern and Central Europe as part of I, CULTURE Orchestra.
  • Performed at numerous jazz festivals with Marcin Gawdzis Quintet, Szymon Łukowski Quintet, Sekstans, Leszek Kułakowski Big Band.
  • Cooperated with Marcin Gawdzis, Dominik Bukowski, Szymon Łukowski and Tomasz Sowiński on recording ‘Shadows of Autumn 2013’ – nominated for Fryderyk Award.

My professional experience is supported with my Bachelor’s Degree in Instrumental Studies and Master’s Degree in Jazz and Stage Music earned at Moniuszko Music Academy in Gdańsk, where I have developed a solid technical background enabling me to freely perform in a broad range of music genres including jazz, classical, pop, folk, ethnic and electronic music.

I am currently extensively involved in Almost Jazz Group activities, having recorded 2 albums and given numerous concerts. In addition, I am working on my own solo jazz album.

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